Vortex produces consistent and repeatable results year-on-year. This is accomplished by 3 pillars of risk management.

1. Dynamic exposure per position to equalise risk in different market conditions: during times of high volatility, we have smaller positions, while larger positions are traded during periods of low volatility. We do not subjectively interfere by increasing or decreasing this exposure.

2. Religious use of stop losses: progressive trailing stops are used with every position. There is no “open risk” involved in our approach. Each stop is derived directly from the range and real-time volatility of each instrument.

3. Letting profits run to their maximum extent: this is an essential part of our money management. Results are made up of a string of small to medium-sized profits and losses, but success relies upon capturing a handful of large, home-run profits.

Whatever happens in the world and the markets, our risk expectation always remains the same.