systematic investment management

The proprietary Vortex System has been developed and refined over two decades.

It is based on extensive experience analysing market behaviour in different markets, as well as robust mathematical and statistical principles.

By being 100% systematic, we avoid the pitfalls of human emotion and psychology in trading, especially greed and fear. Price data is the only input into the system.

We adopt a highly disciplined systematic approach to all aspects of our process, from entry and exit levels, to risk and money management, forming a complete and coherent investment strategy.

Our investment timeframe is short to medium-term, meaning profitable positions usually last from a few days up to several weeks. Unprofitable positions are exited after a few hours or days.

The Vortex System is not a complex black box or high-frequency trading system, nor do we seek to scalp tiny profits from the market. The essential ingredient is unquestionably the discipline and consistency in which it is applied.